high quality kraft paper tape
printing machine

How to produce the printed kraft paper tapes?

After the blank kraft paper tapes samples is approved the test…
uv resistance cross filament tape

Bi-directional filament tapes used for huxayurts

Bi-directional filament tapes: Here is a video to show that…

Breathe tape used in foaming process for refrigerator

  Many appliances industrial have the PU foaming…
new products

The most strong tapes in the world, satisfy your bundle desire!!!

When talking about the adhesive tapes and bounding, people will…
transformer tape

Solvent-base filament tape used for transformer

You may have been looking for the solvent-base filament tapes…
filament tape

All kinds of applications(usage) for filament tapes

As we know, filament tapes could be used in many different kinds…
book binding tape