As the most economic tapes for packing, BOPP tape is a necessary product for distributors&agents to buy.
We add it to be convenient for customers with LCL purpose.
No matter the super clear one,printed one,brown or no-voice one, Tiffany Tape would like to be your great partner to gather them.

bopp tape roll structure

Physical Properties:

Model Category Glue Type Film (mic) Total Thick (mic) Initial Tack(#) Application
TF-BG01 General Water Base 25 46±1 ≥18 Stronge adhesion,cold resistant;used for packing cartons,boudling, fixing, strapping etc.
TF-BC02 Colorful Water Base 28 48±1 ≥16 Different colors;used for distinctive packing or beautified packing.
TF-BP03 Printed Water Base 28 50±1 ≥18 Used for advertising or corporate image packing.
TF-BS04 Super Transparent Water Base 25 45±1 ≥18 No bubble,transparent;Sold in supermarkets or malls with high requirement
TF-BST05 Stationary Water Base 25 42±1 ≥13 Easy to be teared off with good adhesion;Used for study or in office
TF-BN06 No Voice Water Base 28 52±1 ≥20 No voice, no bad effects for surroundings.