cutting machine 4 shafts 02_04

We have 4 kinds of cutting machines, single cut, two cutters, three cutters, four cutters. All of these cutting machines can be used for cuttiing different kinds of adhesive tapes such as masking tape, DS tissue tape, filament tape, kraft paper tape, PET silicone tape etc.

More cutters, smaller diameters. So if u need cut big diameter rolls, then choose the cutting machine with one cutter or 2 cutters. If u usually cut small rolls and want fast speed, then u can choose the cutting machine with 3 cutters or 4 cutters. It'll cut 3 or 4 rolls in the same time.


Cutting machine with one cutter:


Cutting Machine with 2 cutters: 



Cutting machine with 3 cutters


Cutting machine with 4 cutters: