where to find the high-quality water-activated tape for sealing the cartons?

Usually, if we coat enough glue and provide the pure wooden pulp, the quality will not face a big problem. But sometimes we are not worried about the adhesion or tensile strength. We have to care about our environment as we have only one earth.

if your country has high strict rules for the environment, then u shall use the mat surface kraft paper tape. Because the mat surface means it’s laminated with hot melt liquid and heat, but not the pe film. The technology difference make a big effect between the smooth kraft paper tape and the mat surface kraft paper tape

Most of the factories in China use pe film for lamination. But as we know, pe film is difficult to be recycled. So it’s polluted for the environment. If u wanna buy the 100% environment-friendly kraft paper tape, welcome to contact info@tiffanytape.com

mat surface and smooth surface kraft paper tape

smooth and mat surface kraft paper tape