1. Product Name: Non-woven single-sided seam tape ;

2.Materials: This seam tape is based on non-woven fabric, the milk-white release film as the backing, and coated with hot melt pressure adhesive.

3.Features: Strong adhesion, anti-skid, increase friction.

4.Usage: It is applied to the bottom of the artificial lawn. It is used for joint of plastic lawn, especially for the rough surface.


  • save time. Different from the traditional method of using the glue to paste the lawn, with the seam tape, you no need waste much glue to coat on the whole lawn. Just need to use the seam tape to joint two units of lawns together.
  • cost saving. The seam tape only needs to be pasted at the joint of two lawns, and the non-woven fabric at the bottom plays a role of anti-skid, saving the cost of splicing tape and glue.

It is more convenient to carry. The seam tape is 15cm width, and it is more convenient to carry during operation. It does not need a large roll of splicing tape or a barrel of glue.

6. Use instructions:  Tear off the release paper, and paste the seam tape at the joint of the two lawns,  so as to bond the two lawns together and increase the friction force at the bottom of the lawn.

7. Common specification: 15cm * 5m / 10m;

8. Regular packing: Single roll shrink packing. (as below)

package details

9. Application pics:

application for seam tape

Spread the seam tape in the place where you need to stick the lawn, with the non-woven fabric down and the white release paper up.

Tear off the white release paper and paste and joint the two lawns.

10.Physical properties of the seam tape:

This is the project, " Parameters standard
Substrate (UM) Nonwoven fabric
Thickness (UM) It is 600 um + 5 um.
Coating Gram It is 240g + 10g (s)
Initial Adhesion <1cm PSTC-6
Peel strength(kg/inc) Pull-off > 4kg / in (s) PSTC-1
Holding Time(hrs). >1h PSTC-7
Test conditions Degree 23 ° + degree 2 ° (s)