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How to produce the printed kraft paper tapes?

After the blank kraft paper tapes samples is approved the test result, our customer ask us to produce one roll of printed samples which shall be the same with his design.

Usually if u ever visited the printing factory before, then u will not have this requirement. Because u understand it’s impossible. But lots of customers are far away from China, and no chance to see the produce process yet. So here is some pics and information for your reference.

1.Put the big rolls of kraft paper onto the printing machine.










2. Make the machine heat for 30 minutes, then start printing.
Because the workers need 15 minutes to put the jumbo rolls onto the machine, 15 minutes
to adjust the ink color, and need another 30 minutes to make the machine heat. It’s take
much time and troublesome. So usually the quantity shall be at least 5 jumbo rolls, then we
will start the machine and print. If one small roll for sample, our labor cost, material cost,
machine production cost will be much very high.










3. After printed, then take the printed kraft paper rolls to the coating line for adhesion.









4. After coated with the glue, then use the slitting machine to make the big rolls into small rolls.

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