Breathe tape used in foaming process for refrigerator


Many appliances industrial have the PU foaming process in production , after the PU is foamed, it could have the heat preservation, energy saving effect. That’s why the refrigerator cabinet or refrigerator door has PU foam material. When foaming, the high-pressure injection machine will inject the PU foam material into the cavity, and push out all the air out of the cavity. At this moment, the breathable tape to play an important role: It’ll make the air outside fast, but also prevent the foam material overflow.






Now we would like to introduce is a high performance breathable tape. It is backed with a special air-permeable fiber, coated with the acrylic adhesive and could be used in many industrial fields for temporarily clogging in foaming process. As the dot type coating adhesive, the substrate is not full-coated with adhesive but selective-coated, so it has a high, uniform permeability. If you use the unqualified breathable tape, the air can’t go outside immediately which will make the foam material form a cavity and may also leak to affect the appearance.


  •  Due to the unique adhesive coating method, it has excellent air permeability
  • Unique acrylic glue, with stable performance
  • Very good unwind performance, suitable for rapid application
  • Excellent barrier function for Various foam materials

Main application:

Home appliance industry: PU foam insulation used in refrigerator or freezer cabinet and secured.

ŸThe automotive industry:Foaming process in dashboard production
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