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The most strong tapes in the world, satisfy your bundle desire!!!

When talking about the adhesive tapes and bounding, people will think about it like this:

Or maybe like this:

Or this?

No No NO, Obsolutely not!!!

Here we are talking about an amazing strong tape—Tiffany Fix Tape:

How on earth amazing it is???

Check here:

Broken spade?? Fix it !!


Repair the bicycle bracket? No problem!!

Damaged hammer? Fix it !!!

Strong enough to hit the huge stone!!

Water Pipe leak out water???

Easy to handle!!


You might be wondering :  Why tiffany@ fix tape seems could fix everything??? What is it?

Tiffany@ fix tape is made of polyurethane coated to the fiberglass fabric. It’s mainly used for repair all kinds of pipes or tools in our daily life.

It’s 5cmx125cm per roll. Every roll is packed into one box, 60 boxes per carton. the carton size is 48.5 * 33 * 28cm. You can contact us for any other quesstion by the contact form as below:


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