kraft paper book binding tape

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Book binding tape, as it's named, used for book industrial.

In the old time, people use the needle and thread to connect many units of papers together to make it into a book. It's troublesome and cost much time.

Kraft paper book binding tape 1

When adhesive tapes industrial grow up, people noticed it's a good idea to use the adhesive tape for book purpose. That's why we can see the book with tapes now!

Kraft paper book binding tape 2Currently there are two kinds of popular book binding tape, one is duct book binding tape(it's actually a specific kind of duct tape). Another is kraft paper book binding tape. The difference is as below:

  • duct book binding tape, the backing is duct cloth, but it's laminated with PE, can't be recycled. And the plastic makes the tape a little hard, difficult to paste the book tightly.
  • Kraft paper book binding tape, the back is kraft paper, 100% recycled, environment-friendly. And the soft kraft paper is easy to be pasted on the book.

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I'm gonna recommend book binding tape for the special reason. You can see the pics as below:

Kraft paper book binding tape 3

Kraft paper book binding tape 4

It's made with kraft paper. But normally in the market, most of the kraft paper book binding tape is without glue. But this one is with glue and good adhesion. It has a huge market in India. Free samples could be provided once you shared the post to your social media and make the screenshot to us by Wechat. Or you can click the link free samples

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