Wanna get a tool to meature the thickness of adhesvie tapes?

In China, it's quite normal for us to use the meature device to take a meature for the thickness of adhesive tapes, Because tiny difference in thickness could make a huge effect in the acutal application.

But many buyers who are not focused in adhesive tapes industrial, they may even don't know what is the meature tool, also don't know how to meature the thickness for tapes, especially when they are coming from a totally unrelated industrial or they are just newly started their tape business as a green hand or they are from some developing countries such Africa, Pakistan or South America etc.

Here is the picture for the thickness meature device:

It's especially used for meature the thickness for all kinds of adhesive tapes. Definitely shall buy one to check the tapes which you received is correct or not, if you planned to engage in adhesive tapes business for years.

And here it's the link for you to buy it,you can also check more detailed pictures for this device:

It's just a simple introduction, you can contact any other suppliers for this device. If you are not able to make the RMB payment, you can pay to us by Paypal or western union, we'll help to buy and send it by air to you.


There are two different accurance, one is 0.01mm,another could be 0.001. the second one is more accurate if you wanna meature the tapes.

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