what's the difference between gummed tape and self-adhesive paper tape?

Gummed tape, it's also named water activated kraft paper tape, It's much better than the self-adhesive paper tape. Because when u use it, it'll be immersed into the carton paper because of water and became one part of the carton.

But no matter self-adhesive paper tape or crepe paper or PVC or pe film, it'll be cramped up and easy to be torn off without any trace, which makes u can't protect the goods inside the carton.

water activated kraft paper tape and self adhesive tapetamper-proof tape

The tamper-proof tape could also be used for packing the carton and leaving the mark for prevent from stealing. But its price is much higher than water-activated kraft paper tape.

So considering the goods safety, the strong adhesion, the usage evaluation, the gummed tape is a good choice for packing your cartons, especially when the goods are important or high cost.