uv resistance cross filament tape

Bi-directional filament tapes used for huxayurts

Bi-directional filament tapes:

Here is a video to show that how u can use the cross filament tapes for your huxayurts


TF-FW02 or TF-FW03 are the most suitable bi-directional filament tapes for your huxayurts application. U can download the TDS here.

Here are some pictures for cross-filament tapes. In picture it’s 48mm width, but all kinds of widths are available in our stock. such as 12mm, 24mm, 36mm, 48mm, 50mm, 72mm, 152.4mm, 1020mm etc. The length could be as your customized.


















Mono-directional filament tapes:

Except cross filament tapes(bi-directional filament tapes), we have various mono-directional filament tapes also. U can write to us for more details.


















We usually take care of the packages which ensure no any damage when u received our filament tapes. Here is a video to show how it’s packed for log rolls. If u need jumbo rolls or finished rolls, that’ll be also ok for us.

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