1. Product Description: It is a high-quality Red color of double-sided tape, made of PET substrate and modified acrylic oil. Has good retention and bonding effect, in high-temperature conditions on the harsh surfaces such as foam and rubber have good adhesion.

2. Main features: a high degree of transparency degree, easy to peel, good adhesion for the majority of the material.

3. Uses: mainly used for mobile phone mirror, box, battery storage at the end of the fixed, memory cards, cell phone window, LCD module, and so fixed. Signage fixed LCD reflective film, splicing plastic film, low-energy plastic (PP, PE) of the adhesive is also applicable. Automotive industry fixed ABS plastic parts, rubber, EPDM bonding, electronic equipment, batteries, lenses and windows between the paste and so on.

TF-PET205E is a good replacement for Tesa 4965

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