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Solvent-base filament tape used for transformer

You may have been looking for the solvent-base filament tapes for used in transformers from China for a long time.

Most of suppliers are saying that they have this item, but finally samples tests are not qualified. Some of them leave residue, some of them the adhesion is not good enough, some of them are not resistant to high temperauture such as 160℃.

Tiffany Tape, as the professional expert in adhesive tapes industrial, especially good at filament tapes item because of some historial reason. Not interested to waste time and money or effect in bad products. After compared with different factories products, finally we found the high quality solvent-base filament tape which is especially used for transformer. It's already been exported to India, Pakistan with Quality ensured. Here are some pics to show the appearance:

Solvent-base filament tape used for transformer 1


Solvent-base filament tape used for transformer 2

And also we would like to show the application pics which sent by our customers used in transformer as below:Solvent-base filament tape used for transformer 3If you are focused on transformers production or you are the distributors in adhesive tapes industrial, welcome to contact us for TDS and quotation samples arrangement issue. You can inquiry us by the contact form as below.



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