How to know the import tax and add-value tax for adhesive tapes

For some importers, especially the new beginners, if u want to import the adhesive tapes from China, there is a big problem that u don't know how much u have to pay to your government for the taxes.

For taxes, usually we have two kinds of taxes which shall be paid to our government. One is import tax, also named MFN duty rate. Another is the add-value tax, also named sales tax.

How to get the taxes rate? Usually most of the customers will ask employees who worked in their local custom office, or take a long time to search the information from Google. Actually, it could be very simple. Here is the method as below:

1. Open the search link:, input the password: tiffanytape, click the button to enter

tax checking 1

2. Input the importing country, if u wanna import to India, then input India, if to Turkey, then input turkey.

tax checking 2

3. Got the result as below:

tax checking 3

Remark:  The above link is for non-paper adhesive tapes only. If u need to check the taxes for the paper type adhesive tapes, such as kraft paper tape,

masking tape, please use the same method but check another link