How to solve the MOQ issue when buying adheisve tapes from China?

It's quite uncomfortable when customers are buying adhesive taps from China, and most of the suppliers will ask how many rolls you want, right? Sometimes customers may wanna ask

Why you can't quote an approxiamate price based on any quantity?


Firstly price competition is serious currently in most of the products, so quote the price directly without knowing anything, easy to be out of the game.
Secondly, the price could be much different when quantity different. If quoting a low price, easy to lose money. If quoting a high price, easy to out of the game again.

How to deal with the quantity issue?

  1. You can ask them to quote with the export MOQ.
  2. You can ask them to quote different prices according to different quantities. So you can compare and make a reasonable choice.


What if my quantity is lower than MOQ?

Currently in the market, lots of small new customers come into the adhesive tapes business. When their quantity is less than MOQ, usually something happened:

  1. They'll receive a high price which is around 15~35% higher than the normal factory's EXW price.
  2. They'll be convinced to not print any LOGO as LOGO Printing is expensive. Just use the blank one. In future bigger orders, start the printing.
  3. They'll be convinced to pay the full amount of package, for example, it's 3000units, then use 1000units package this time, the left 2000units are being kept in the next order.

How to solve the MOQ issue for printing LOGO?

If you are selling to Amazon or using a Shopify store or your own company's website, the package and brand promotion is very important for you, blank products are definitely not acceptable, then we'd like to recommend this package as below to you:


You can see this colorful card, it's included the LOGO, the products details such as application, features, size, etc. But we only need to print the colorful card in a shop which requires 500pieces only with a very cheap price around 70USD.

No need any printing?

If you are a client who doesn't need the printing currently, just need a small quantity for your market test, still you wanna know the price is workable in your market or not, then you can tell the suppliers that pls quote according to 5000rolls or 10000rolls, ask them to provide this price for your first small order, you'll share the export cost with them in the first order which might be around 100USD additional. But it's worthy to do that because in this way, you'll get a long-term stable low price which is convenient for you to evaluate your market, and get this small order smoothly done.

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