How to calculate the diameter of adhesive tapes

Most of the times if we can know how to pack our goods by ourselves,no need ask others, it'll be more convenient and feel relax.

Here is the simple method, hope u guys will like it:

1. Download the excel calculate file and open it:


2. Input the thickness, the length, the paper core diameter and paper core thickness, get the outer diameter of one roll.

automatically calculation of diameter for adhesive tapes

3.  Checking the size of the 20ft container and 40ft container, then calculate and get the result:

20ft container's size: 5.9m*2.35m*2.39m

40ft container's size: 12.03m*2.35m*2.69m

5.9/0.51=11.56  means 11 rolls       2.35/0.51=4.6    means 4 rolls        2.39/1.28=1.86   means 1 layer


So the quantity for one 20ft container is 44 rolls~88 rolls. The actual quantity will depend on the worker's technique and space.

(Remark: 1.28 means the height of the jumbo roll of Bopp tape)