Domestic Package VS Export Package

We always believe that professional jobs shall be done by professional people. Here is a  little example to show the difference.

For example, if u want to buy goods from the factories directly because of the lower price. And if they never do any export business before,

it'll be a big disaster, because they don't know the rules. The goods will have some problems as below:
1. No mark
It's difficult for customers or ship workers to recognize the goods, easy to get confused and lost the goods.
2. No PET strap to fasten.
PET strap is necessary for goods by sea. Because the ship on the sea moves heavily. If nothing to fasten, the goods will be moved much and hit the container to cause damage.
3. No Made-In-China
In many countries such as Brazil, Saudi Arabic etc, if no Made-In-China on the surface of goods, the custom will ask to send the goods back to China. It's very serious.
4. Solid Wooden Pallet
Solid Wooden Pallet is not allowed in most of the countries such as Australia, Canada, Poland etc. The custom will send back the goods directly if find the solid wooden pallet. We shall use the plywood pallet or solid wooden pallet but it has to be fumigated first

domestic package and export package

Of course, we have solutions to solve it. For examples, u can write down this requirement and sent to your factory to do it as the rules. And if u wanna minimum the risk and cost, u can drop this work to a professional exporter such as Hongkong Tiffany Tape Co., Ltd or many other exporters.