In Alibaba, we can see most of the companies are saying that they are the factory. We can understand that they say it because many customers cooperate with the real factories only, not interested in dealing with a trading company because of serious competition in price.

But we also believe that factories have the price advantage, but the trade companies also have many other advantages which are pretty valuable. Different customers need different company types. We really no need pretend to be a factory.

Anyway, here we'll show u how to know it's a factory or a trading company. We have two methods to check it.

Method 1.Find the professional Alibaba videos. Two features for the official Alibaba video.

  • Alibaba logo
  • Company Introduction with America accent speaking(but not music)

professional alibaba video

Method 2. Check the company information by using their Chinese name searching on Chinese government website:, then u can see all the details for this company.

company details

All the Chinese mainland companies shall be registered on the Chinese government website. If u did not find it, then it means that the company is not available. Or that company has been closed.

But also there are some exceptions, such as the offshore companies. Our company" Hongkong Tiffany Tape Co., Ltd" is an offshore company. U can find the Registration Information by company on google, such as:

How to know it's a real factory or a trade company 1 How to know it's a real factory or a trade company 2

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