Which kind of double-sided carpet tape shall I buy?

double-sided carpet tape is well-known to be used for pasting the carpet on the floor. But there are some small differences which might be not that clear for the clients especially end-users.

leave resdue or leave no residue?

As we know, all the adhesive tapes are coated with the glue. After we pasted the carpet tape on the ground. When we wanna change a new carpet, we'll remove the old one. Then you'll see some glue may leave on the ground.
Here is a simple picture to explain "leave residue & leave no residue"

Actually, no matter leave a residue or leave no residue, both are acceptable, depends on your specific requirement.

  • If you are using the carpet tape for your home permanently, maybe you'll stay in that house for more than 20 years, the carpet won't be changed in a long time, then leaving residue is okay. Because you won't tear it off.
  • If your carpet's material is very difficult to be pasted or fixed on the ground, then you may need to choose the residue one. Because the residue one usually is better in strong adhesion. And unfixed carpet is easy to make people falling down which is pretty dangerous.
  • If you are from middle-east countries, they have the tradition to use very luxury carpets for long years without change, leaving residue does not matter.

  • If you are using it for the exhibitions, usually 3~5days for one exhibition, after that all the carpets will be removed. So it's necessary to leave no residue, so the ground could be clear as before.
  • If you are using it for your temporary renting home, or you like to change the carpets frequently, then better no residue carpet tape.
  • If you are a B2C seller, if you don't wanna get some complaint from your clients, better choose the no residue one. Because not all the customers know these differences. And in the market, the no residue one is much more popular.

Thick or Thin?

0.2mm~0.23mm usually with middle adhesion.
Above 0.23mm high adhesion.
So you can check which one is more popular in your market.

More Mesh or Less Mesh?

Generally, more meshes will be better in waterproof, it could avoid the water especially when you are using the carpet outside of the door, or near to the bathroom or kitchen etc.

White release paper or Yellow release paper?

In the market, usually we can see the white rolls and yellow rolls, usually the yellow release paper is a little expensive then the white one if the same kg/m2. But when importers are buying the DS carpet tape in big quantity, the small price difference could be ignored. So no big difference.

Hope the above information is useful for your guys to choose the suitable double-sided carpet tape. If you don't know where to buy, welcome to contact Tiffany Tape with your specific requirement.

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