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Bi-directional filament tapes used for huxayurts

Bi-directional filament tapes: Here is a video to show that how u can use the cross filament tapes for your huxayurts https://youtu.be/eEC6hsj4c1Y TF-FW02 or TF-FW03 are the most suitable bi-directional filament tapes for your huxayurts application. U can download the TDS here. Here are some pictures for cross-filament tapes. In picture it's 48mm width, but […]

Breathe tape used in foaming process for refrigerator

  Many appliances industrial have the PU foaming process in production , after the PU is foamed, it could have the heat preservation, energy saving effect. That’s why the refrigerator cabinet or refrigerator door has PU foam material. When foaming, the high-pressure injection machine will inject the PU foam material into the cavity, and push […]

Solvent-base filament tape used for transformer

You may have been looking for the solvent-base filament tapes for used in transformers from China for a long time. Most of suppliers are saying that they have this item, but finally samples tests are not qualified. Some of them leave residue, some of them the adhesion is not good enough, some of them are […]